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Baltic Workforce is a rapidly growing, dynamic, innovative and one of the biggest international temporary employment companies in Denmark.


We offer:

  • Qualified and non-qualified jobs in Denmark,
  • Long term and short term job offers in different business sectors,
  • Possibility to get new knowledge, experience and earn money working chosen job in Denmark,
  • Perfect opportunity to work with family, friends or relatives.


We guarantee:

  • Legal jobs in Denmark according to local rules and regulations,
  • Payment of Danish taxes,
  • Social security,
  • Salary payment on an agreed date and pay-slips,
  • Free consultations and our full support during all the employment period in Denmark,
  • Finding accommodation for competitive prices.


We provide:

  • Information and instructions about working and living conditions in Denmark,
  • Employment documents translated into English, Lithuanian, Polish or Romanian,
  • Information about possible transportation to Denmark and inside Denmark,
  • Accommodation, if it is needed, for competitive prices,
  • Social security number (CPR) and tax rates,
  • Health card if it is needed,
  • Advance payments under request,
  • Assistance and help in filling annual tax reports,
  • Information what you have to know working and living in Denmark (how to get bank account in Denmark, how to go to doctor, how to fill tax reports and etc.),
  • Consultations during all the working period through our company in Denmark,
  • 24 hours help on our emergency mobile phone in extra cases.


Working since 2004 and cooperating closely with Danish, Lithuanian, Polish and Romanian governmental institutions we operate strictly following rules and regulations and ensure legal employment in Denmark, according to local law.

Our Human Resource offices in Lithuania, Poland and Romania will provide you all the information about employment in our company in Denmark, as well as information about work, accommodation and other questions.